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Trends in Cybersecurity – Andrew Milroy

Andrew Milroy, Founder, Veqtor8 APAC organisations are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. As digital transformation […]

Data Strategy: Approaches to Drive Cohesive Digital Transformation – Kshitij Mulay

Kshitij Mulay, Chief Information Officer – Global SK-II (Prestige Beauty), Procter & Gamble This presentation covered: The why, what […]

Risk, Visibility & Protection in a Distributed World – Justin Ong

Justin Ong, APAC CISO, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Cybersecurity attacks are like COVID-19, they are becoming much more […]

Modernize to maximum with cloud adoption in enterprise organization – Jia Yee Low

Jia Yee Low, Chief Technology Officer, Kenanga Investment Bank This presentation focused on: How organizations transform from legacy to […]

CIO TRACK – Driving Operational Success and Maximise Business Revenue Through Aligned Partnership – Adil Antia & Jacky Koh

Adil Antia, SVP, Senior Partner – Technology & Solutions, FPT Asia Pacific Jacky Koh, IT Director, KrisShop (a company of Singapore Airlines) […]

CISO TRACK – Has the Cyber Security Industry got it wrong when it comes to Data Security? – Reinhart Hansen

Reinhart Hansen, Director of Technology, Office of the CTO, Imperva In this session, Reinhart examines what data security leaders should be […]

CIO TRACK – Innovation in Digital Transformation – Mustafa Sabuwala

Mustafa Sabuwala, Principal – Financial Services, HCL Technologies, Singapore In this session, Mustafa covers some examples of innovative use […]

CISO TRACK – Emerging AppSec Trends in 2022 and Beyond – Randeep Chhabra

Randeep Chhabra, General Manager, AppScan, Asia Pacific & Japan, HCL Software AppScan Randeep spoke about the need for organizations to […]

A live journey of business transformation made possible via disruptive cyber protection technologies – Ken Soh

Ken Soh, CIO and Director, e-Strategies, BH Global Keypoints discussed include:   1.       The cultural and cyber security […]

CISO Track – Securing Endpoints and Ensuring Compliance – Matthew Burns

Matthew Burns, Associate Vice President, BigFix, Asia Pacific & Japan, HCL BigFix Entreprises are under increasing pressure to protect […]

CIO Track – Is your data holding your business to ransom? – Gary Hallam

Gary Hallam, Director of Channel Business, EMEA & APAC, Delphix In this presentation, Gary looks at the need to focus on democratising […]

One on One meetings

The morning one-to-one meetings are under way at the CIO/CISO Leaders Singapore Summit 2022. These are over 150, 30 minutes focused face to face […]

How to survive and thrive in an uncertain world as a business leader – Miao Song

Miao Song, Global Chief Information Officer, Global Logistics Properties   The subjects discussed include: The rapidly changing […]

Building a resilient and agile, data driven enterprise – Panel discussion

Moderator: Paolo Miranda, Vice President, (ISC)2 Singapore   Panellists: Marcus Tan Cheng Lin, Head of Cybersecurity […]

Enabling New Approaches to Organisational Digital Innovation in the Post-Pandemic Era – Chris Bezuidenhout

Chris Bezuidenhout, Managing Director, CIB CIO APAC & Emerging Markets, Deutsche Bank AG   One of the main words that emerged in […]

Welcome to the 9th Annual CIO & 8th CISO Leaders Singapore Summit 2022 – Christopher Tan

Christopher Tan, The Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore Our CIO/CISO Leaders Summit this year features a rich […]

Risk Management in the Digital Era

Roshan Kapoor, Senior Vice President – IT, Olam International Limited Enterprise risk landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Trade-wars […]

The CIO Role in a Post-Digital World

Arvind Mathur, Chief Information Officer, Prudential CIOs have historically played a translator and an insulator role – understanding what the […]

Taking Advantage of Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge and Create New Revenue Streams

Chakib Abi-Saab, Group Chief Technology Officer, OSM Maritime Group This workshop provided an insightful explanation on how to create a […]

Leading Organisations into a New Reality: The Role of Tech Leaders Over the Next Decade

Harish Shah, Futurist, Stratserv Consultancy   The next decade will witness an unprecedented reconfiguration of our world reality, as the […]

Cybersecurity in a Multi-Cloud World

Andrew Milroy, Head of Advisory Services APAC, OVUM Commonly, enterprises have cybersecurity solutions for individual clouds, but often fail […]

Technology Intelligence is the Future of Software Asset Management

Laxman Dhamsam, Managing Director, Snow Software ASEAN and India During this roundtable session, Snow Software unveiled their single […]

Digital Disruption Within

Sarat Mohanty, Head, Global Trade Finance Client Implementation, Standard Chartered Whilst digital disruption is moving in a much faster pace […]

BP’s Digital Transformation Journey: Preparing Ourselves for the Next Generation

Kurt Bergmans, Head of Global IT Service Operations, BP PLC Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime. New digital […]

There’s a Better Way to Work Together than Email

Arturo Arrarte, Head of Growth for APAC, Slack, Brian D’souza, Solution Engineer, APAC, Slack “As leaders, we acknowledge the fundamental […]

The Modern Digital Workplace

Moderator: Richard Wong, Vice President Head of ICT, APAC, Frost & Sullivan Panellists: Mikael Larsson, Vice President IT, Volvo […]

One Transformation – 3 Journeys

Frederic Ducros, Chief Transformation Officer, AirAsia Group (outgoing) & Director, / […]

How do you know you are okay?

How do you know you are okay? When it comes to cyber security issues, the question CEOs and their boards need to ask is not, ‘are we okay?’ But, […]

Fintech startups play a key role in Saudi Vision 2030

Fintech startups play a key role in Saudi Vision 2030 With regulatory, infrastructural, and talent challenges getting resolved, Saudi Arabia might […]

Interview with William Chong from JLL

William heads up JLL’s Workplace Analytics and IOT (Internet of Things) practice in APAC, a full-time multi-disciplinary group dedicated to […]

Interview with Harish Shah, Futurist

An autodidact and a polymath, Harish is Singapore’s first local born Professional Futurist. A critical reference point today for other Professional […]

Digital Transformation – Is it time for a status check?

Spike Choo, Director, ICT, Asia Pacific at Frost & Sullivan, delivered a workshop around “Digital Transformation – Is it time for a status […]

How to ensure CIO’s relevance and effectiveness in 2020

Gary Saw, Sales Director, Asia at Snow Software, delivered a roundtable discussion on “How to ensure CIO’s relevance and effectiveness in […]

CIO path to 2025 in a cloud, AI and mobile first world

Stijn Paumen, Vice President Sales & Business Development at Wandera, delivered a roundtable discussion on “CIO path to 2025 in a cloud, AI and […]

Open Banking API & Partnerships

Himanshu Shrivastava, Managing Director, Head – Digital Technology (APAC & EMEA) at Citibank, delivered a workshop around “Open Banking API & […]

Building innovative digital platform dashboards to improve business and operational visibility and readiness

Steve Ng, Vice President, Digital Operations and Platforms at Mediacorp, delivered a presentation around “Building innovative digital platform […]

Technology changing culture and the changing role of the CIO

Shivani Saini, Chief Information Officer, APAC at GSK Consumer Healthcare, delivered a workshop around “Technology changing culture and the changing […]

Enabling TelcoTech with big data

Eugene Yeo, Group Chief Information Officer at MyRepublic, delivered a presentation around “Enabling TelcoTech with big data”. MyRepublic’s […]

Interview with Himanshu Shrivastava, Managing Director, Head – Digital Technology (APAC and EMEA) at Citibank

Himanshu and his team are responsible for accelerated delivery of Citi’s Mobile first strategy and driving digital channels to next generation […]

Interview with Ramesh Munamarty, Group Chief Information Officer for International SOS

Ramesh Munamarty is the Group Chief Information Officer for International SOS. He leads the technology function for the Group that includes the […]

Interview with Steve Ng, Lead for Digital Platform Operations, Mediacorp

Steve Ng is the Lead for Digital Platform Operations (Digital Group) in Mediacorp, with a keen interest and vision in adopting new technologies and […]

Inteview with Wandera

Who are Wandera and what do they do? Wandera’s pioneering web gateway for mobile provides organizations with Enterprise Mobile Security and […]

Business Value Realization for Hybrid Cloud for Enterprises

Pritam Wadhwani, IT Director, Johnson & Johnson lead a discussion on Business Value Realization for Hybrid Cloud for Enterprises. During […]

Modernizing Classic Information Security and Strengthening the Business Relationship

Guy Marong, Global Director Information Security, SONY Electronics lead a discussion on Modernizing Classic Information Security and Strengthening […]

Principles and Tools for Board Support and Communications

Magda Chelly, Managing Director – Cyber-Security Evangelist, Responsible Cyber Ltd lead a roundtable discussion regarding the boardroom for CISOs: […]

Security Challenges in e-commerce

Shivendra Saxena, Head Information Security, Lazada Group hosted a open discussion around security challenges in e-commerce. The key issues […]

Digital Customer Experience

Sarat Mohanty, Head of Global Trade Implementation & Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered discussed Digital Customer Experience during the […]

Cyber Fusion Program

Jonathan Symes, Snr Vice President – Cyber Security Fusion Centre, CITI hosted the workshop and the Cyber fusion program was examined and […]

Examining the Framework for Understanding Digital Transformation

Andrew Milroy, Managing Director, Senior Vice President and Managing Director APAC, HfS Research hosted the workshop dedicated to examining the […]

Enabling Digital Transformation of a Large Education Provider

Khadir Fayez, VP – Regional Information Security Officer, Pearson hosted the workshop which was orientated around a case study to demonstrate how to […]

The Lifecycle of Cybercrime

Christoph Durand, Head of Cyber Security, & Strategy Outreach, Interpol addressed the CISO delegates whom attended the afternoon session of 2017 […]

The Customer Is The Centre of Digital Transformation

Barbara Dossetter, Managing Director, CIO Connect and Richard Davies, Group Director, Global Business Services (previously Group CIO), International […]

The Advent of Cloud Apps – Is Your Organisation Under Threat?

Orion Suydam, Senior Director of Product Management – Cloud Security, Forcepoint hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic of The Advent of Cloud […]

Digital Transformation Requires Customer Obsession

Dane Anderson, Vice President – Research Director and Region Manager, Forrester Research hosted a discussion on Digital Transformation Requires […]

Cloud Security Assurance Frameworks and Developments

Anthony Lim, Director Asia Pacific, Cloud Security Alliance hosted a workshop on Cloud Security Assurance Frameworks and […]

Interconnected Devices: Should You Act and Be The Leader or Wait and Left Being a Laggard?

Amit Dhupkar, Head of Group Technology, Singapore Post hosted a workshop on Interconnected devices; should you act and be the leader or wait and left […]

Preparing for Intelligence Led Penetration Testing

Nicholas McKenzie, Managing Director, Global Head of Information & Cybersecurity, Standard Chartered Bank hosted a workshop on preparing for […]

Catastrophic Software Failures

Ash Conway, CEO & Founder, Bugwolf briefly addressed the 2017 CIO/CISO Leaders Summit Singapore delegation regarding Catastrophic Software […]

The Big Disconnect – Is Your Security Strategy Leaving Your Data Vulnerable?

The keynote presentation was delivered by Jiro Shindo, Senior Product Manager – APAC, Thales on The Big Disconnect – Is Your Security Strategy […]

The Importance of Cyber and Physical Convergence

The first panel discussion at the 2017 CIO/CISO Leaders Summit Singapore was on the importance of Cyber and Physical Convergence moderated by Andrew […]

Better Innovation Faster

The opening keynote presentation was given by Stefan Lindegaard, Chief Executive Officer Transform XO.  Stefan Lindegaard, Chief Executive […]

Industry Watch – Process Improvement & Automation 2016

Many organizations recognize the need to improve business processes, benefits of automation and a need for BPM. Given  this, attention turns to how […]

CIO Leaders Summit Singapore 2016, November 16 – 17

24th March 2016 – Focus Network is proud to announce the CIO Leaders Summit Singapore, which will take place on November 16 – 17. The Summit is […]

Introducing a new look for the CIO Leaders Summit Singapore

We are thrilled to share our new logo and brand with you. It signifies a bold new direction for us and we are excited to be rolling this out for the […]

Keynote Panel Discussion to Highlight Digital Transformation

5th November 2015 – Focus Network has announced the Keynote Panel Discussion, “Digital Transformation” to take place on Day 1 at the upcoming CIO […]

Focus Network is Proud to Support the Global CIO Leadership Trek

26th October 2015 – Focus Network is proudly supporting the Global CIO Leadership Trek, taking place in 2016 from August 19 to August 28, […]

CIO Academy Asia Confirms Partnership for the CIO Pacific Series

22nd October 2015 – Focus Network is proudly partnering with the CIO Academy Asia for the 3rd Annual CIO Leaders Summit Singapore and has announced […]

Kate Swanborg, Head of Technology Communications and Strategic Alliances, Dreamworks to Provide Gala Dinner Presentation

15th October 2015 – Kate Swanborg, Head of Technology Communications and Strategic Alliances, Dreamworks will provide the Gala Dinner presentation […]

Summit Keynote Presentations Announced

8th October 2015 – Focus Network has announced several Keynote Presentation topics to take place at the upcoming CIO Leaders Summit Singapore, taking […]

14 Days Left to Register for the CIO Leaders Summit Singapore 2015

30th September 2015 – There are 14 days left to register for the 3rd Annual, upcoming CIO Leaders Summit Singapore, November 18 – 19, Resorts World […] Magazine Powered by the CIO Pacific Series – Spring Launch

16th September 2015 – Focus Network is proud to announce the Spring Launch edition of Magazine, powered by the CIO Pacific […]

3rd Annual CIO Leaders Summit Singapore to be held at Resorts World, Sentosa

10th September 2015 – Focus Network is proud to announce that the 3rd Annual CIO Leaders Summit Singapore will be held at the Resorts World, Sentosa […]

SiTF Confirms Partnership for CIO Leaders Summit Singapore

18th August 2015 – Focus Network has announced official partnership with the SiTF, (Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation) for the upcoming CIO […]

Key Themes Announced for CIO Leaders Summit Singapore

5th August 2015 – Focus Network has announced the Summit themes that will draw on the most common investment areas from last years event for the […]

The Impact of Strategies for Technology Change

29th July 2015 – Focus Network has announced the the closing Keynote Presentation on, “The Impact of Strategies for Technology Change,” for the […]

APSM Announced as Official Publication Partner for CIO Singapore

22nd July 2015 – Focus Network has announced the Asia Pacific Security Magazine as the official partner publication for the upcoming CIO Leaders […]

Focus Network Announces a Call for Speakers

15th July 2015 – Focus Network has announced a Call for Speakers to present at the upcoming CIO Leaders Summit Singapore, taking place on […]

Transforming Big Data into Big Opportunities

8th July 2015 – Big data is one of the first cross-functional concerns that is actively shared by both IT and business stakeholders. Businesses are […]

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