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An events company helping businesses to connect, influence and engage with senior decision makers

Who we are

We at Focus Network like to be known as much more than just an events company; we class ourselves as a data-driven information hub for senior-level executives to leverage their learnings from, while at the same time assisting businesses in connecting with the most relevant technology partners to frame new relationships.

Since opening the doors in 2012 we have hosted over 100 C-level strategic summit platforms across multiple verticals for senior decision-makers, facilitated over 50,000 face to face business meetings with technology leaders, interviewed over 15,000 c-level executives, created over 60 bespoke private events for clients and helped formulate and execute over 400 private lunches, virtual events and dinners across Asia Pacific and North America.

Accelerate your learnings and connections

Our vision is to bring productivity, growth and innovation to the heart of businesses around the globe.


Large scale events bringing together buyers and sellers over one or two days across specific industries.

Insights Hub

Gain access to a range of weekly articles, videos, interviews and industry reports from global c-level executives .

Private events

Fully tailored and bespoke events created from concept design to delivery.

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Great events is what we do, great people is what we have and a great career is what we offer. Our staff are the key to our success and we love to sculpt new talent.

Our mission 

To accelerate the learnings of top line executives from around the globe by administering them with engaging platforms and insights that allow their business to develop and flourish.

FOCUSCAREERS Logo dark Logo Colour 72dpi

Great events is what we do, great people is what we have and a great career is what we offer. Our staff are the key to our success and we love to sculpt new talent.

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What our clients are saying

“I found the CXO Leaders Summit a very good investment of two days out of the office. Its been sensational to meet the other delegates; the very high calibre of delegates and we’ve all just been discussing how interesting it is to share our war stories and find out that people are doing lots of different things…some areas good and some areas bad and now we have a group of people that we can talk to after the conference to continue to compare notes.”


“I have raved about the professionalism and organisation of this HR event to my colleagues so there is every chance our paths will cross again in the next year. It was very professionally organised and executed. The one-to-one meetings were set for you which was great. It was a lot better than having suppliers snapping at your heels! The information about the suppliers provided prior to the event was excellent for context too.”


“The one to one business meetings gives me a chance to get to know the CIOs, even if it is for only half an hour, you know, you can figure out their strategies and how you can help them within that time. Our meetings have been very successful and we have progressed our portfolio even further.
It is definitely a worthwhile investment.”


“The benefit for us is two-fold. For one it is about listening to the relevant topics of what is on their mind to get an understanding of how our business can align and effectively help them and secondly, the one on one meetings here were really invaluable to get a doorway into their organisation. The one on ones have been very successful and I am most definitely confident that we have forged business relationships going forward.”


“This event was well organised, provided good content and an excellent networking opportunity. I learnt quite a bit about business scenarios benefitting from some new technologies. I would like to attend next year.”


“The team have driven great results from us over the years by connecting us with key stakeholders of large enterprises. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future”


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