What’s your story?

Genevieve edit

Genevieve Hawkins, General Manager Health, Safety & Wellbeing at Coles opens up this year’s 7th annual OHS Leaders Summit on the Gold Coast with the topic being focused around “what’s your story?”

Genevieve discusses on how metrics measure our success, but how our story motivates to achieve success. Or it doesn’t. What’s the story behind your stats? She discussed ways of whether you are maximising the power of storytelling to get the biggest impact? Genevieve also explored why it is that story is so powerful and why getting the audience to reflect on their approach to storytelling to stress test if it is hitting the mark in creating the meaning that is needed to get change.

Highly accomplished senior executive, director, change facilitator and executive coach with a proven track record of achievement in leading organisations through change.

Highly experienced in facilitating major culture change and producing strong financial results through people. Engages at multiple levels internally and within stakeholder organisations and achieves the desired outcomes through astute negotiation and influencing. Track record of resolving complexity to deliver pragmatic solutions.

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