Are your safety management activities aligned with each other?

Nektarios edit

Dr Nektarios Karanikas, Professor at the Amsterdam University discusses the issues around “are your safety management activities aligned with each other?”

Vertical organizational alignment has been long discussed and researched, but the horizontal alignment of management activities has not been given enough attention. Dr Karanikas presented the results of a research which evaluated the horizontal alignment of three safety management activities within an organization and identified areas of divergence that should be corrected to achieve a common focus. The findings led to the suggestion of actionable changes that can facilitate the achievement of alignment amongst safety management initiatives.


Dr Nektarios Karanikas is Associate Professor of Safety and Human Factors at the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He studied MSc Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics at Cranfield University (UK) and he was awarded his doctorate in Safety and Quality Management from Middlesex University (UK). Nektarios graduated from the Hellenic Air Force Academy as aeronautical engineer, worked for 18 years as military officer at the Hellenic Air Force and resigned in 2014 with the rank of Lt. Colonel. There, he served in various positions related to maintenance and quality management and accident investigation, and he was lecturer and instructor for safety and human factors courses. Nektarios holds engineering, human factors, project management, and safety management professional qualifications and has been member of various European and international associations.

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