The most influential tech trends that will impact the safety profession in 2019 – Matthew Browne

Matthew Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Donesafe

Mathew brown

“We want to leave safety a better place”

 Matthew Browne shared a knowledgeable presentation about the 10 most influential technology trends that will impact the safety industry and profession in 2019 and beyond. He has based this on the 3 core trends:

  • Intelligent;
  • Digital; and
  • mesh

He also shared insight into Donesafes approach to these trends and a look into the crystal ball of what is to come for Donesafe in 2019.


As one of Donesafe’s two founders, Matthew Browne is driving one of the fastest growing safety startups in Australia.

Matthew works closely with Donesafe’s clients and partners to ensure that Donesafe continues to meet the challenges of modern safety & compliance management. With a strong history in WHS, Matthew has a keen understanding of the industry’s needs. In fact, it was in trying to satisfy his own safety software needs that Donesafe was born in the first place.