Managing Unconventional Risk – Bill Hilton

Bill Hilton, Director, Safety Services, Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts

Bill Hilton

Have you ever wondered how Disney’s Parks & Resorts approach safety? Bill Hilton, Director of Safety Services discussed at the OHS Leaders Summit how Disney manages a unique and diverse risk portfolio designed to keep its Cast Members and Guests safe.

Summary of Qualifications:
• Possesses 20 years of diverse leadership experience in multi-site, domestic and international consumer products, consumer services, and high hazard manufacturing industry sectors.
• Leveraging inherent skill set to assess, evaluate, develop and implement sustainable, enterprise solutions, ensuring adherence to the safety, health and risk mitigation agenda within a targeted organization.

Core Competencies:
Collaborative Leadership · Occupational Safety/Health · Solutions Design/Implementation
International Program Leadership · Key Relationship Generation · Team Training
Risk/Loss Reduction · Process Improvement · Business Operations Management
Policy/Strategy Development · P&L/Budget Management · Vendor/Supplier Oversight

Areas of Achievement & Contribution:
Organizational Culture Interpretation: Designed and implemented road-map for leadership team to follow in closing gaps in safety awareness and training.

Catastrophic Event Prevention: Developed a corporate assessment process to address both low severity/high probability and high severity/low probability hazards.

Sustainability Road-map Solution:Designed/actualized new process that reduced incident rates in all manufacturing facilities.

Talent Development: Developed a human development and successor planning initiative to fill vacant positions in a timely manner.

Resource Development: Developed global EH&S management and compliance system, self-assessment tool and 2nd/3rd party audit protocol.

Global Prioritization/Implementation: Equipped 27 facilities in 12 countries to effectively manage risk by using the corporation’s safety management system and standards.

Risk Reduction: Increased stakeholder awareness of safety guidelines adherence on profitability; employee training and engagement led to reduction of significant risk and incidents in all job.

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