The Urban Utilities Safety Evolution – Kym Bancroft

“The key is implementing a safety strategy from evidence”
Kym Bancroft, H&S Manager, Queensland Urban Utilities

Kym Bancroft

Kyms workshop summarised QUU’s evolution to Safety-II and how they have practically, meaningfully and measurably translated it into their health and safety strategy. Kym shared her learnings from this journey which is useful for any organisation looking to implement the Safety-II theory.
Safety-II. HOP. Safety Differently. The New View. Regardless of what you call it, many organisations across the globe are flipping traditional safety thinking on its head and instead, are seeking to take a bottom up approach rather than imposing it top down. For some organisations who find this theory interesting, it has raised questions of how best to put it into practice.


Experienced in the design, development and implementation of evidence-based Safety and Wellbeing Cultural Change processes, I can simultaneously understand complex business culture and needs on the one hand, whilst also appreciating the individuals needs and challenges in the other, and the complex interplay between the two.

My role is to assist organisations diagnose challenges, and then design and implement solutions based on human centred principles to achieve the goal of positive and sustainable cultural change in the areas of safety, wellbeing and organisational effectiveness. To achieve this, I use my expertise in taking complex psychological concepts and Safety Differently principals and translating them into simple everyday practices that enhance health and safety performance.

As an experienced Psychologist, my key achievements include safety culture transformation projects that I successfully rolled out to Rio Tinto Alcan Australia & NZ (4500 employees) and Energex (3000 employees).

In addition to the above-mentioned clients, I have designed and developed innovative cognitive-behavioural safety training and embedding solutions for Sydney Rail, Genesis Energy, Transpower, IPL, Queensland Urban Utilities, CENG, Boeing Defence Australia, Ergon Energy and GrainCorp. In developing these solutions my passion is blending creativity, innovation and digital technology with psychology to create a meaningful experience.

My areas of specialty are Safety and Wellbeing Culture Transformation; HPI; Operationalising Safety Differently; Project Management; Research and Assessment in Safety Culture Maturity; Executive Coaching; Workshop Facilitation; Product Design and Development; Onsite Consulting; Innovation, Digital technology and Gamification.

Queensland Urban Utilities