The Power of Organisational Purpose

Matt spoke on the importance of always keeping your company’s purpose at the forefront of marketing strategy and how focusing on this aspect is now, more important than ever due to…

  1. Digital disruption is challenging existing business models
  2. Innovation is no longer an option
  3. We’re living in the age of the customer

During this session, Matt explored the ways that purpose leader to profit by highlighting how digital disruption is challenging exisiting business models; resulting in higher expectations from both customers and employees. This session provided key takeaways that include:

  • Organisations that succeed in the future will be those that know not just where they are headed, but why they are heading there.
  • Purpose is the driving force behind many high performing organisations and deserves as much attention as business strategy and execution.

67b0ba79da073193899218dc512f005d-AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKxAAAAJGFkNjZiMGI4LWE5YTUtNDE2NS1hNzI4LTg4MDNiODExMDFhNwAs Managing Director, Products & Marketing, Matt is responsible for ensuring we understand and respond to our customers’ needs by offering an optimal mix of banking solutions and benefits. His portfolio encompasses credit cards, mortgages, personal loans and deposits, as well as market research, analytics, customer segmentation, sponsorships and driving our Digital agenda. Matt joined ANZ from Bank of America Corporation, where he worked in a range of positions, in both the US and UK.

These roles include responsibilities spanning finance, product management and consumer segments. He played a pivotal role in moving Bank of America’s large and highly-matrixed consumer division from being product to segment-driven, and was responsible for a number of successful new product launches and redesigns. Matt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.