Improving your CX approach through digital innovation, personalisation and Martech

Camille Baumann, Global Executive, Growth Markets Area Marketing Lead & Digital Customer Solutions and Bithia Romero, Senior Digital Strategy & Advisory Consultant at Avanade, presented a roundtable discussion around “Improving your CX approach through digital innovation, personalisation and Martech”.

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Even the most well-established brands don’t always get it right. Customer Experience (CX) has an ever-moving goal post against heightened consumer expectations and includes many opportunities for innovation. If CX is a focus in your organisation, or key to your business strategies, you can’t afford to miss this learning opportunity.

The discussion aim was to increase your awareness and improve your positional understanding of CX, where you can better leverage every powerful moment with your customers, to create advocates and promoters of your brand.

Key questions answered:

  • How do you find balance to improve Customer Experience through delighting your customers?
  • What do your customers want when it comes to an ideal customer experience? Do you really know or are you guessing?
  • What is the correct digital technology to have in place for digital transformation or marketing?
  • Best practice case studies: how do our clients and their customers define great customer experience?
  • Nearly all organisations believe collaboration between the CMO and CIO is critical to success – so why doesn’t it happen more?

Key themes included:

  • AI personalisation for instant gratification
  • Integrating ecosystems not just infrastructure
  • Design of change that is empathetic to the unexpected

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