How Monash University is leveraging technology and content to transform customer experience

Fabian Marrone, CMO of Monash University, and Tom Spencer, Head of Services from Cognitives, walked their audience through how Monash University has transformed the way their marketing team works with content, and redefined how customers experience their brand.

Customer experience has become a requirement for brand success in today’s marketing landscape, but it’s no surprise that brands still struggle to deliver a unified experience for the customer. How do winning brands like Monash University tackle this challenge? They leverage the right technologies to produce effective and high-performing content across their organisation, delivering consistent, meaningful and engaging stories throughout the customer lifecycle.


Fabian Marrone is the Chief Marketing Officer of Monash University and leads the strategic marketing and communications for the organisation. Prior to that he was Vice-President of Marketing and Partnerships (APAC and EMEA) for three years. Hobsons specialises in global student marketing and recruitment. He has also held senior marketing positions with Adecco Group UK and Ireland, and CAMMS APAC, North America and UK. Fabian has developed an international reputation for his expertise in digital transformation and marketing. His record includes managing the world’s largest prospective international student survey in partnership with 58 universities globally. His vast skill set in strategic planning, marketing and sales enabled Hobsons to achieve international market penetration and thought leadership status. Mr Marrone designed a data science and digital marketing methodology at Hobsons that was adopted by 12 universities across the globe within 12 months. Fabian holds a broad range of qualifications in addition to his extensive university and industry experience. These include a Business Double Degree in Marketing Management and Administrative Management from the University of South Australia, qualifications in digital marketing, agile project management, social media and google analytics, together with media training.

I am currently focussed on a disruptive innovation in martech, Cognitives.io – a start-up I co-founded. In addition, I mentor startups on how to build and sell great tech products and companies. I also advise large organisations on how to better harness the potential of entrepreneurs and innovation to achieve their goals.