Creating a Customer Experience Culture

Last night during the CXO Leaders Summit Gala Dinner, aboard the MV Epicure, Naomi Simson, Founding Director of RedBalloon. Entrepreneur; Blogger; LinkedIn Influencer; Author; Speaker spoke on Creating a Customer Experience Culture. How do our customers experience the brand? What are your employees saying about your business when they interact with the customer? The Summit attendees were greeted aboard the MV Epicure by Naomi, who provided a humbling presentation that emphasised the importance of people in a data-driven world.

Naomi shared her RedBalloon journey…which is now one of Australia’s tech-start up success stories, claiming relief of not having to talk about her book, as she’d already provided a signed copy to the Summit attendees. She spoke on spending her savings of $25,000 for the RedBalloon webpage and expressed her anxiousness, waiting upon the customer. “I launched this website…and there were no customers. I would tie red balloons to my briefcase,” she said.


Throughout the CXO Leaders Summit sessions…the most reoccurring topic, was analysing the customer via analytics. But Naomi gave a humanising reminder for today’s key marketers, saying, “You’re talking so much about data, but never ever forget, that they’re people,” adding a tip on customer experience; “It’s about being in their world,” and emphasising truly understanding your customers from your customers perspective.


Naomi spoke about creating the ultimate customer experience so they willingly share their stories about your business to others and provided valuable  learning outcomes that include…

  • Knowing what you stand for – getting customers to talk about you;
  • Ways to encourage customer WOW moments in an era of transparency; and
  • Why treating employees as customers will determine the customer experience

2702e35cabcd214d62624ac0d3443712-NS1 Naomi Simson is an Australian Businessperson; Blogger, Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Influencer, Author and Speaker. She is the founding director of RedBalloon, an online experience gift retailer based in Australia, considered one of Australia’s tech success stories. She has won numerous awardsincluding the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Silver Stevie Award. Simson is the author of two books, Live What You Love and I Want What She’s Having. She is also a shark on the Australian television show Shark Tank. Simson is also ranked as one of the top 30 tech influencers on Twitter by The Business Insider. For more information, please visit: