Matthew May, Head of Sales & Operations Australia at dorsaVi hosts a workshop on ‘Wearable Sensor Technology – Improving Workplace Safety’.

Matthew May 

Matthew May, Head of Sales & Operations Australia at dorsaVi hosted a workshop at the OHS Leaders Summit Australia on ‘Wearable Sensor Technology – Improving Workplace Safety’. This session allowed delegates to get hands-on with dorsaVi’s revolutionary wearable sensor technology which is being used by leading companies globally to minimise the risk of workplace injuries, improve productivity and make expensive manual handling aid purchase decisions. In this session, Matthew May and Sarah Riseley from dorsaVi also shared details of how the technology works, they discussed real life examples from Heathrow Airport, Coles, Monash Health and others. Delegates also had the opportunity to see how the sensor technology collects data and feedback in real-time.

Matthew’s experience is both broad and varied, encompassing all customer and operational aspects of multi-site ASX listed service orientated businesses. He has 5+ years’ experience working clinically as a physiotherapist in private practice, before managing company owned physiotherapy clinics and a network of franchisees under the banner of a large national provider. Matthew has 10+ years’ experience working for an ASX listed national provider of workplace health and injury management services consulting to large corporates’, government organization’s and insuring agents providing a range of injury prevention and injury management services. He has 10+ years’ experience as a leader of operational, account management and customer sales teams with full P&L accountability.

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