Keeping up with Consumers: Why messaging is the future of customer engagement

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The CXO Leaders was proud to present LivePerson as a Gold Sponsor as they gave a presentation on, Keeping up with Consumers: Why messaging is the future of customer engagement. LivePerson prides itself in making meaningful connections and hosts a cloud-based platform, LiveEngage that enables just that. LiveEngage enables brands to connect with consumers through app, mobile and web messaging to create the personalised, convenient service expected in today’s connected society. From the largest global enterprises to newly formed start-ups, our 18,000 customers trust us to deliver increased conversions, higher order values, lower support costs and a better customer experience.


Clinton Alver, Strategic Director APAC for LivePerson has comprehensive knowledge and experience in telecoms and technology, business case justification validation. He has worked closely with Enterprise IT security and regulatory authorities as well as having published articles on financial services requirements such as PCI and Anti-Money Laundering. Clinton currently works with some of APAC’s largest enterprises in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Retail and Aviation, delivering direction that transforms the digital customer experience and drives growth.


Clinton was an engaging and interactive speaker that brought new insights to the CXO crowd. The way we communicate with each other has changed; we are much more likely to use technologies like SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook as opposed to picking up the phone or writing an email. As a result WhatsApp sees over 30 billion messages sent every single day and Facebook now has 1.44 billion active users. This trend towards message-based communication is now extending to the way that consumers are interacting with their brands. However, there is a still significant gap between how businesses allow their customers to contact them and what consumers want. This session explored how major brands are innovating to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour by embracing new technology and best practices, and how this is also having a positive impact on their bottom line.


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