Jo Kelly, CMO for Ubank speaks on How Do You Relaunch A Digital Bank


The Chief Marketing Officer, Jo Kelly for UBank spoke on ‘How do you Relaunch a Digital Bank’. Jo joined UBank in early 2015 and leads a team of brand, marketing and change management and is known for her ‘out of the box thinking’. Jo also is extremely passionate about mentoring and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. By Dedicating her time to help guide and educate the next generation of marketers by sharing not just the best practice but the “next practice”.

Jo spoke about how she led the rebrand of UBank, the first major change to the brand since its inception in 2008. With so many other voices in the banking sector, the team had to ensure UBank was heard and the brand messages were understood. To achieve this, Jo explained that the team created a platform where UBank could stand above the chaos and differentiate itself from the cluttered market.