Digital Marketing: Fast-Forward to the Right Digital Strategy, Bonnie Thorn, Head of Marketing for RedBalloon


Bonnie Thorn, Head of Marketing for RedBalloon spoke about ‘Digital Marketing: Fast-forward to the Right Digital Strategy’. Bonnie has been the Head of Marketing at RedBalloon since May 2015. With over 15 year’s experience in marketing and digital across telecommunications, financial services and retail, Bonnie has helped businesses build relationships with their customers to deliver growth, profit and improved brand equity. Bonnie has a proven track record in delivering business results achieved by understanding the customer through research, insights and trends; developing strategic plans and vision; and continually incorporating test and learn into sales, service and retention activities.

During the Speaking Session, Bonnie spoke about how Digital disrupts Business Strategy and how finding the right competitive response is complex and Executives must act fast across multiple layers of the business. Bonnie continued on by saying there is no one path to becoming a digital leader and intelligent experimentation means business leaders need a fundamentally different approach to how strategies are developed and executed.