ARMS Reliability CEO, Jason Apps, on Delivering Predictable Performance


Jason Apps, CEO for ARMS Reliability gave a compelling presentation at the Annual 5th COO Leaders Summit. Jason highlighted the importance to deliver predictable outcomes and avoid unexpected failures, outages, safety exposures and costs, when dealing with a true reliability management program. Jason, in being addition to being CEO is also responsible for the Technical Direction and Development for ARMS Reliability. Joining the company  in 1998, Jason has completed innovative studies using simulation modelling in the utility, mining and refining sectors.

Jason opened up the conversation on poor equipment and process reliability and its sudden and harmful effects on the organisation’s ability to deliver operational or project objectives. Reliability problems can prompt unforeseen downtime, poor quality products or services, missed targets or even harm others.

Managing reliability well seems to be subtle to most organisations. Jason gave the example of simply having reliability engineers as those responsible for reliability, do not place the organisation in control. It was a reality that Jason underlined, that may organisations are executing inconsistent strategies leading to mixed results and continued under performance.

ARMS Reliability is a global consulting firm and specialises in assisting companies achieve cost savings and improved throughput. This leading organisation improves the reliability of new and existing assets, increasing availability and eliminating defects. ARMS Reliability aims to help and empower companies with knowledge and expertise to make optimal asset management decisions.

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