Where to go when Banks say No


Liam Twigger, Managing Director of PCF Capital gave a great presentation at today’s COO Leaders Summit. Speaking on “Where to go when Banks say No”, Liam spoke on the current global commodity markets and bank lending environment. Liam provided an update on the markets and offered a profile for the successful mining company financings. He also provided tips on how to bridge the funding gap and search for alternative funding strategies.

An informative presentation, Liam also went on to give an overview of Australian equity market and the performance of the resource sector. He gave a summary of Nickel, Gold, Copper and Iron project multiples and sector valuations. Liam then offered date on project finding, in particular JV, equity, strategic partner and trade sales. Liam also touched upon traditional and non traditional finding sources.

Accumulating over 30 years in the industry, Liam has experience in investment banking and corporate finance. Prior to his career in the finance industry, Liam was a professional footballer in the UK while moving into investment banking with Macquarie Banks, where he established the Bullion and Commodities division in Perth. He was then promoted to the Head of Macquarie Bank in Western Australia. After being recruited to head the Bankers Trust’s investment banking activities in 1997, the sale of the Bankers Trust’s Ltd, let to Liam becoming the founding principal for PCF Capital.

PCF Capital is a resource sector focused boutique investment banking corporate advisory firm. With an institutional stock broking licence, PCF Capital offers independent research and coverage on selected mining and exploration stocks. PCF Capital is outstanding in sourcing strategic investment, partners, arranging project finance, raising institutional equity and providing advice on mergers and acquisitions.

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