An integrated approach to mental health in the workplace – Victoria Desouza & Jon Ward

Victoria Desouza, Mental Health Manager, Premium Health
Jon Ward, Group Manager Safety & Environment, Visy Industries

Victoria - Jon

Victoria and Jon shared an insightful introduction to the integrated approach to mental health in the workplace through case study analysis of a prominent client.
It was a fantastic discussion about how mental health and wellbeing training allows organisations to identify, acknowledge and address workplace mental health hazards and risks and how to expire the strategies and supports that can be implemented to optimise the mental health and wellbeing of your workplace.
This presentation also showed the mental health journey that workplaces undertake, including examples of how organisations experience and learn from implementing an integrated approach with mental health and wellbeing as well as value of investing in mental health and wellbeing training and its continual journey and positive impact on a workplace.


With a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and extensive experience within Victorian community mental health services, Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her background in youth and family counseling, as well as her experience working in the education sector, has enabled her to support a number of young individuals, their families and school communities over the years. She is a passionate educator focused on building supportive and inclusive environments where mental health outcomes are optimised by young people and their communities, enabling them to reach their full potential and flourish.

Premium Health


Jon provides management and strategic direction for the safety and environment team and Visy supporting HSE activities at Visy’s 100 sites across Australia, NZ and Asia.
Key aspects of the role cover planning and targets , HSE management systems, auditing and knowledge management, behaviour change and capacity building.