Possibility Space as a Way of Relating Risk

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Patrick Hudson, Professor at Delft University, delivers a presentation around “Possibility Space as a Way of Relating Risk”

Intended to stretch the minds away from the day to day scenarios into thinking about what we call WIERD accidents and how you might prevent them.

I am a psychologist with wide experience of safety and management in a variety of high-hazard industries. I have worked with the Oil and Gas sector, both upstream and downstream, commercial and military aviation, shipping, mining and hospital medicine. I was one of the developers of the Tripod model for Shell, together with Jim Reason and Willem Wagenaar, better known as the Swiss Cheese model. I was part of Shell’s team developing the theory of SMS in response to Piper Alpha and am now involved in teaching and developing SMS concepts in Civil Aviation, primarily in Asia and Australasia. I developed the HSE Culture ladder, together with Dianne Parker and am now working on improving concepts of risk analysis in hospital medicine, transferring knowledge and experience between industries. I am emeritus professor at Delft University of Technology in The Human Factor in Safety at the Department of Safety Science.

Delft University