Our Evolving Role within Sustainability – Eric Knight

“We are no longer just safety, we are sustainability”
Eric Knight, Global Head of Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability, AstraZeneca

Eric Knight

Eric from AstraZeneca held the opening keynote presentation at the 8th Annual OHS Leaders Summit.

Eric shared insight into the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development and the universal action plan for a safer and healthier world. He spoke about the goals and priorities of the UNA including serving a social purpose, demonstrating a positive contribution to society, attracting diverse and qualified workforces and creating more “good” in the world.

Safety Leaders have an opportunity to embed occupational health and safety into their company’s overall sustainability strategy, mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and framed as positive contributors to society.


Eric Knight is the Global Head of Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability at AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company. He is passionate about keeping people healthy, protecting our environment, and making a positive impact on society. Eric is a strong supporter of global progress on megatrends such as the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG), notably SDG3 for Good Health & Well-Being.