Mental Health and Illness – A Personal Story

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Louise Dubois, Head of Health at Optus, delivers a presentation around “Mental Health and Illness – A Personal Story”

Louise has been actively delivering results in the area of organisational health, safety and workers compensation for over 25 years. Amongst other qualification she has a degree in Nursing, post graduate in prevention of illness at work and a diploma in positive Psychology and wellbeing. Her international experience includes; management of teams, implementation of programs and worker compensation premium negotiations in Canada, Central America, Asia and Australia. She is motivated by being able to make a positive impact on the day-to-day happenings in people’s lives, however great or small that impact may be. Her vision is to create a future whereby being healthy and practicing healthy management style is embedded in the culture. Today she shares her personal story and her professional knowledge around mental health and mental illness and hopefully assists in improving the way we, as leaders, we talk about mental illness.