Jim McKinlay, General Manager at Telogis speaks to delegates on ‘Developing a safety framework’.

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Jim McKinlay, General Manager at Telogis spoke to delegates at the OHS Leaders Summit Australia on ‘Developing a safety framework’. His presentation highlighted that as we empower our workers to do more it becomes increasingly more important to ensure safety is not compromised. He also covered topics such as: how to develop a safety framework; industry benchmarking and best practice (the safer driver); technology to Inform, manage and reward; and Outcome as a Service (OaaS).

Jim has been General Manager APAC at Telogis since 2012, overseeing the growth of the company across Australasia. Goal oriented and task focused, with strong numerical analytical skills, Jim has held Senior Executive Sales leadership roles for International organisations such as, Xerox, IBM and Sharp. Jim joined Telogis because of his experience with setting up @Road/Trimble’s support services in Australia & New Zealand whilst with neXos. Jim is a keen golfer in his spare time.

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