General Manager, Martin Orliac for Annalect Consulting speaks on The Roadmap to Al Marketing


General Manager, Martin Orliac for Annalect Consulting speaks on ‘The Roadmap to Al Marketing’. Martin opens the speaking session by stating that Innovation is key to the success in today’s fast paced competitive landscape with targets that are increasingly faster than budgets, but in this ever increasingly complex marketing ecosystem, companies are inevitably falling behind the curve.

Martin’s presentation allowed the audience to build a roadmap to bring their organisations to the data-driven artificial intelligence marketing era on these key areas

  • Leverage data to give you the best view of your prospects and customers
  • Use that data to influence your creative messaging
  • Put technology to work and reach your target audience
  • Implement technology to successfully automate your marketing engine

As the General Manager of Annalect Consulting, Martin helps companies deal with this intricate and ever-changing landscape. He taps into the team of advanced data scientists and expert technologists to develop the right data and technology solutions for each client depending on their needs. Martin also consults on digital transformation, innovation, automatisation and personalisation.