Can the CMO of today become the CEO of tomorrow? Vivek Kumar Leads the Discussion

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The CXO Leaders Summit Singapore, was proud to present Vivek Kumar, Executive Director for NTUC as one of our speakers. Vivek provided a thought-provoking discussion on the role of the CMO and how they can take that step to the CEO position. Vivek is also the Director of U Associate and Future Leaders Programme of NTUC. Under his leadership, Vivek’s team grows the Labour Movement and develops relationships with 3-Generations NTUC Members.

It is an aspiration for many CMOs to one move up to become the CEO of the company. A logical move to some, as the access and understanding of the customer from a CMO, is one that can widely be beneficial as a CEO. However, this step is one that is not succeeded by CMOs. Even more so, there are equally few CMOs who are invited to join the board of the company.  Vivek utilised his experience as a board member and his role as the convenor of the U Circle, a unique action community of CEOs working with the Labour Movement to support the career progression of Singapore PMEs. Vivek delved in this difficult topic and continually put up suggestions and pointers fro CMOs to debate and discuss.

In 2011, Mr Vivek Kumar was appointed the Secretary of NTUC Membership Council where he serves over 5,800 union leaders in growing the Labour Movement leadership pool. Concurrently, he is a Board Member of NTUC Link Pte Ltd and PME Hub Pte Ltd, as well as a Management Council Member of NTUC Club. Mr Vivek Kumar is also a Board Member of the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Mr Vivek Kumar graduated from the University of Delhi and has attended executive programmes by Harvard Kennedy School and Wharton Business School. He is the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Advisory Board of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, and has chaired numerous industry conferences including the CMO Summit Asia 2015, Brand Couture Congress Asia 2012 and Loyalty Asia 2011, among others.

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