Better Practice in Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

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Lyndon Henman, National Sales Manager at Medvet, moderates and runs a keynote panel discussion focusing on Better Practice in Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. 

Other panelists that took part in this session included:

Natalie Dixon, General Manager at Medvet

John Edwards, Senior Toxicologist at Medvet

Andrew Orfanos, National Occupational Health & Hygiene Specialist at Caltex

Drug and Alcohol Testing is all about safety at work. It secures positive changes in workplace culture of safety. Provides certainty for workers and managers about processes and outcomes of a better program.

Having been involved with the health and safety industries for nearly 20 years, I know firsthand how teams can work together with clients to achieve great results. As General Manager for Medvet my greatest satisfaction is helping my operational and sales teams to work collaboratively, not only to succeed in their individual roles but to succeed as a team so our clients can also benefit. Whether it’s developing skills and product knowledge, or providing the right advice and information to win the business, I achieve immense satisfaction watching my team succeed and grow. Their success is my success and of course our client’s success. As a profit for purpose organisation, this teamwork approach to grow our company revenue results in increased profit which we return to fund medical research – what’s not to like? Everyone’s a winner. I’m passionate about my work, our team, our mission and vision and our products and services; after all we help keep people safe and healthy at work and that has got to be a good thing – for everyone.

His role includes providing toxicology advice and support for clients regarding drug and alcohol testing procedures and interpreting drug test results. He is a graduate of Adelaide University with a PhD in toxicology and the measurement of occupational chemical exposures using samples of blood and urine. He has worked in the University sector from 1984 to 2014 (Adelaide University, Newcastle University (UK) and Flinders University) reaching Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the School of the Environment at Flinders University.

His research interests include

  • monitoring drug and chemical exposures
  • assessment of illegal drug laboratories
  • measuring mercury in tuna
  • the remediation of chemically-contaminated land and water, and
  • evaluating genetically modified foods for toxicity.

He has acted as an expert witness in many legal cases involving human toxicology. He is been a member of Commonwealth Regulatory Committees on safety of chemicals and medicines and Australian Standards Committees on nanomaterials.