Australia’s National Security: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorism

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The Security Leaders Summit was proud to present Dr Tobias Feakin, Director – National Security Programs for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), as a speaker. Dr Feakin spoke on Australia’s National Security: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorism. He highlighted that all governments recognise that the threat of terrorism is enduring and requires sustained mitigation efforts. Dr Feakin explored and analysed the guidelines that have been set down by the Australian Government in 2015, that surrounded the protection of Australia’s critical infrastructure. He also discussed the focus of framework of CIP.


Dr Feakin joined ASPI as Senior Analyst for National Security in October 2012. He examines issues relating to national security policy, cyber security, global counter- terrorism, resilience, critical infrastructure protection and the environment and security. He was previously Senior Research Fellow and Director of the National Security and Resilience department at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, in London, and is still a Senior Associate Fellow of RUSI.


He has lectured at the University of Cambridge, University of Bradford, Joint Services Command and Sta College, the NATO Defence College in Rome, as well as speaking internationally at numerous conferences and roundtable discussions. Regularly being used by the media he has appeared on the BBC, ABC, Channel 4, NBC, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, as well as regularly being quoted in international media.


This presentation opened up many questions from security professionals. To join the conversation you can tweet to @LeadersSecurity and use #SecurityLeadersSummit.