The Journey towards Excellence and Beyond – Malcolm Staves

Malcolm Staves, Corporate Health & Safety Director, L’Oréal

Malcolm focus

Malcolm described the journey that L’Oréal has made to globalise occupational health and safety across all its businesses.

Their introduction of psychosocial health and safety, nudge, heuristics, low level signal management and stress management  in the senior management training in 2010 along with behavioural analysis to line managers was seen as revolutionary yet has stood the test of time.

Here are the main takeways of this session:

  • How to build a high performing safety culture that is resilient yet agile
  • How to declutter in a way that gives sense to all employees
  • Why off the shelf programs from external companies is short termism and represents weakness in the OSH profession & performance sustainability
  • What Malcolm sees is the future of the OSH profession
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