ROUNDTABLE SESSION – 3 – Leadership challenges, opportunities and solutions in 2022 – Natalie Micarone

Natalie Micarone, Co-Founder and Director, Bendelta


Leaders in 2022 have a huge amount to take on, including:

  • engaging diffused, deflated and/or distracted workforces, by generating cultural renewal and crafting narratives of purpose, optimism and direction
  • dealing with the hybrid organisation as the new normal by both embracing and shaping further changes to ways of working
  • moving towards the permissionless, networked organisation by empowering and connecting networks of teams, and lubricating the flows between them
  • managing incredible talent volatility by shaping and delivering a compelling employee proposition
  • taking on greater societal responsibility by hard-wiring better community and environmental actions into core business processes

Natalie discussed how to best equip leaders to flourish in this complex context.