ROUNDTABLE SESSION – 5 – Proactive wellbeing strategies: Building resilience, stress tolerance and emotional agility for workforces of the future – Tegan Davies

Tegan Davies, General Manager, Oranges Toolkit


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In a rapidly changing, fast-paced economy, everyone needs effective self-management strategies to ensure they can be well at work and home. ‘Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility’ is listed as one of the Top 10 Skills of 2025 in the Future of Work report by the World Economic Forum. So, what should current HR leaders be doing right now to prepare their employees for the future?

Tegan Davies hosted a roundtable discussion discussing science-based workplace wellbeing strategies that will help build resilience, stress tolerance, and emotional agility for workforces of the future

On the agenda:

  • How organisations can use the latest neuroscience research to teach self-management, resilience and emotional intelligence?
  • How leaders and organisations best manage rising burnout and fatigue levels in a constantly changing, challenging environment?
  • How leaders can amplify positive emotions and wellbeing practices through effective systems and processes?
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