Panel Discussion Talks the Rise of CCTV Surveillance in Commercial Security

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A Panel Discussion on the Rise of CCTV Surveillance in Commercial Security was moderated by Mark Edmonds, Manager Security Capability for Sydney Trains. The panel was also joined by Michael Dalton, Director  of Security and Risk Management, Marriott Hotels Australia and Dave Crossley, Head of Security, Emergency Planning and Response, Sydney Opera House. Together, the panel opened up the discussion on CCTV systems and its role in commercial security. The growing security threats have caused governments and commercial organisations to invest more in security and safety assets and personnel. CCTV is vital for all businesses, both corporate and government, and are one of the best ways to ensure commercial security.


Mark Edmonds has broad experience in security, intelligence, IT and risk management. Mark began his career as an intelligence analyst and security operations manager in the Defence Signals Directorate, including a deployment to the National Security Agency. Developing his skills in security, risk, crisis and project management, Mark has also led the implementation of security and risk management strategies and projects that have proven business improvements and ROI.


Panelist, Michael Dalton, also joined the panel. Michael is Director of Security and Risk Management for Marriott Hotels Australia. He is a Sydney based Security Risk Manager with a diverse experience in the industry. With a career spanning 25 years Michael has been involved in security operations within Defence, the resource sector, Australian media and international aid projects throughout the world.


Joining the panel was Dave Crossley, Head of Security, Emergency Planning and Response for the Sydney Opera House. Dave has immense experience in the industry and together with panel explored CCTV and how it can help enhance and improve corporate and government organisations. The panel discussed how CCTV can enhance perception of safety and security and help protect infrastructure and assets. They also explored the potential opportunity to aid in the investigation and the follow up of criminal activities and also the opportunity for surveilling emergencies.


This presentation opened up many questions from security professionals. To join the conversation you can tweet to @LeadersSecurity and use #SecurityLeadersSummit.