Inam Hussain, Head of Google for Work, Asia Speaks on Closing the Productivity Gap

Inam Google


Head of Google for Work, Asia, Inam Hussain spoke at the 3rd Annual CIO Leaders Summit Hong Kong. Inam delivered a though-provoking presentation on How Smart, Modern and Secure Organisations Are Closing the Productivity Gap. Inam spoke on today’s revolutionary way of work. Stressing that disruption is inevitable and is happening at a faster rate, Inam believed that today’s IT Leaders need to embrace a new way of working. If IT Leaders did not competitors will and the productivity gap will continue to widen. Inam spoke on Google’s aim to assist businesses in embracing the digital world and to take advantage of it from the inside out.


In the session, Inam engaged audiences by arming them with ideas to help fellow IT leaders to become stronger and more agile in today’s digital era. Inam also highlighted how organisations are embracing smart, unique and secure methods of working that unlock the potential of their own workforce. He insisted that these new methods also drove innovation and allowed their businesses to realise their full potential by embracing cloud technologies.


Joining Google in 2011, Inam is currently the Head of Google for Work, Asia. With an extensive resume, Inam has spent time in a diverse range of industries from; Telecommunications, Banking & Finance and Retail. During that time, Inam held various senior executive roles in Product marketing, Corporate Strategy, General Management and Business Development.


This presentation opened up a high-level of discussion with the audience. To register your interest for one of our CIO Leaders Summit click here.