Creating an Innovation Culture – Michael Henry


Michael Henry, Global Head of Digital Experience, BHP

michael henry

Michael’s workshop discussed how the rules of the game have changed, and how we live in a time of disrupt or be disrupted.  It has never been more important for organisations to be innovative, resilient and self-disruptive.  But how do we remain relevant and create a culture of innovation and more importantly embed it in to all levels of the organisation?

This workshop unpacked the key principles for creating an innovative culture in a case study style that discussed:

  • The key steps to create an innovative corporate culture
  • The role of leaders and managers in fostering innovation
  • How to embed an innovation and growth mindset

Michael shared his experiences both professionally and from his studies at the University of Oxford.


Michael Henry is the Head of Digital Experience for BHP, a leading global resources company.
He is responsible for the Mobility, Collaboration and User Experience teams worldwide.
Michael specialises in global leadership, having inspired leaders and their teams across Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
A digital transformation pacesetter for over two decades, Michael has delivered both complex systems integration projects and managed global infrastructure services. Influencing the direction of global organisations amidst significant complexity, Michael has driven structural alignment, enhanced capability and business outcomes.
Joining Oxford University’s Organisational Leadership programme at the prestigious Saïd Business School in 2017, Michael’s studies have focused on understanding the keys to leadership success in the digital age. Specifically, his research has encompassed effective leadership strategies for environments characterised by disruption, fast-paced innovation and digital transformation.
Michael continues to evolve a personal leadership style recognised for its wide ranging vision, finessed stakeholder management and a passion for meaningful mentorship. This vision is anchored by Michael’s continual drive to identify, develop and implement the leadership and digital tools required to realise sustainable competitive advantage.
Michael will share his personal leadership journey and unpack the key principles he has used to develop and lead high performing teams.