Customer Showcase: Juniper


Ashish Dhawan, Juniper’s VP and managing director for ASEAN, talked about the “Journey to the Network-Based Cloud Economy” at the CIO Leaders Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 1 to stress the essential role of the network in powering digital transformation which creates a platform for success in a network-based cloud economy.


In today’s technology-driven world, it is all about survival of the fastest. Customers, partners, stakeholders are an ever evolving tech-smart population that expect products and services to revolve around digital expectations.


To meet those rapidly changing, always increasing expectations, Ashish shared ideas on how companies can be able to respond to change. The new business model which he mentioned is one of “Instant Evolution” to bridge the gap between the market’s idea of innovation and the business’ capability to deliver the reality.


Juniper’s unique end-to-end networking vision, together with its partners and alliances, is designed to enable rapid business evolution from within the data center. With a simple, open, and smart network in place, an organization can build a strategic digital platform. This enables the deployment of changes quickly and smoothly, with fewer risks and lower costs, ensuring that the company stays at the forefront of disruptive innovation.


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