Becoming A Cognitive Business



Media Corp International was proud to have Freddy Lee, Chief Technology Officer of IBM Malaysia, as one of the speakers at this year’s CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia. Freddy made an engaging presentation entitled: Becoming a Cognitive Business.


His talk focused on the rise of the era of cognitive business – an enterprise that deals with analytics in order to enhance customer relations, processes and decision-making capabilities. Cognitive systems including IBM Watson can take unstructured data in all its forms just as the way people do. It was mentioned during the presentation that these cognitive processes are actually assisting information workers to gain insights from a full range of data.


Given Freddy’s wealth of experience in the industry,  he was able to fully explain how an organization can become a cognitive business. Summit delegates listened as he began outlining market shifts that dominate this era. In doing so, he touched on several particularly relevant points including new data streams and cognitive systems. He further described how modern businesses are infusing these cognitive capabilities into every application and interaction. In the latter part of the presentation which turned attendees on the most important trends in data usage and management, all summit attendees were treated with quick demonstrations of what IBM Watson can do and a wide range of issues it can solve.


Freddy is currently the Chief Technology Officer for IBM Malaysia with a very strong background in IT Infrastructure. He graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia with degrees in Computer Technology and Computer Science. He has been with IBM for 24 years. In his tenure with IBM, he has supported large enterprises and designed systems particularly around the storage discipline. He is a sought-after speaker in seminars, workshops and technical presentations across the ASEAN region. Freddie regularly contributes to an external non-profit organization and serves as one of the board members of the Storage Networking Industry Association Malaysia. He is the first person in the IBM Systems business unit in ASEAN to attain the Open Group Distinguished IT Specialist Certification, the highest level of certification in the IBM IT Specialist Profession. He achieved this distinction in March 2014.