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Trends in Cybersecurity – Andrew Milroy

Andrew Milroy, Founder, Veqtor8 APAC organisations are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. As digital transformation accelerates, […]

Data Strategy: Approaches to Drive Cohesive Digital Transformation – Kshitij Mulay

Kshitij Mulay, Chief Information Officer – Global SK-II (Prestige Beauty), Procter & Gamble This presentation covered: The why, what and […]

Risk, Visibility & Protection in a Distributed World – Justin Ong

Justin Ong, APAC CISO, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Cybersecurity attacks are like COVID-19, they are becoming much more […]

Modernize to maximum with cloud adoption in enterprise organization – Jia Yee Low

Jia Yee Low, Chief Technology Officer, Kenanga Investment Bank This presentation focused on: How organizations transform from legacy to cloud […]

CIO TRACK – Driving Operational Success and Maximise Business Revenue Through Aligned Partnership – Adil Antia & Jacky Koh

Adil Antia, SVP, Senior Partner – Technology & Solutions, FPT Asia Pacific Jacky Koh, IT Director, KrisShop (a company of Singapore Airlines) […]

CISO TRACK – Has the Cyber Security Industry got it wrong when it comes to Data Security? – Reinhart Hansen

Reinhart Hansen, Director of Technology, Office of the CTO, Imperva In this session, Reinhart examines what data security leaders should be […]

CIO TRACK – Innovation in Digital Transformation – Mustafa Sabuwala

Mustafa Sabuwala, Principal – Financial Services, HCL Technologies, Singapore In this session, Mustafa covers some examples of innovative use […]

CISO TRACK – Emerging AppSec Trends in 2022 and Beyond – Randeep Chhabra

Randeep Chhabra, General Manager, AppScan, Asia Pacific & Japan, HCL Software AppScan Randeep spoke about the need for organizations to […]

A live journey of business transformation made possible via disruptive cyber protection technologies – Ken Soh

Ken Soh, CIO and Director, e-Strategies, BH Global Keypoints discussed include:   1.       The cultural and cyber security […]

CISO Track – Securing Endpoints and Ensuring Compliance – Matthew Burns

Matthew Burns, Associate Vice President, BigFix, Asia Pacific & Japan, HCL BigFix Entreprises are under increasing pressure to protect […]

CIO Track – Is your data holding your business to ransom? – Gary Hallam

Gary Hallam, Director of Channel Business, EMEA & APAC, Delphix In this presentation, Gary looks at the need to focus on democratising […]

One on One meetings

The morning one-to-one meetings are under way at the CIO/CISO Leaders Singapore Summit 2022. These are over 150, 30 minutes focused face to face […]

How to survive and thrive in an uncertain world as a business leader – Miao Song

Miao Song, Global Chief Information Officer, Global Logistics Properties   The subjects discussed include: The rapidly changing […]

Building a resilient and agile, data driven enterprise – Panel discussion

Moderator: Paolo Miranda, Vice President, (ISC)2 Singapore   Panellists: Marcus Tan Cheng Lin, Head of Cybersecurity […]

Enabling New Approaches to Organisational Digital Innovation in the Post-Pandemic Era – Chris Bezuidenhout

Chris Bezuidenhout, Managing Director, CIB CIO APAC & Emerging Markets, Deutsche Bank AG   One of the main words that emerged in […]

Welcome to the 9th Annual CIO & 8th CISO Leaders Singapore Summit 2022 – Christopher Tan

Christopher Tan, The Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore Our CIO/CISO Leaders Summit this year features a rich […]

A CISO’s Playbook: Defense – Dynamic Security Strategies for an uncertain future

Tobias Gondrom, Chief Information Security Officer at UOB, delivered a presentation around “A CISO’s Playbook: Defense – Dynamic Security […]

Driving faster response to threats and vulnerabilities

Paul Petersen (Regional Director, APJ – Office of the CISO), Gaurav Mahendru (Sr. Advisory Solution Consultant, Security, and Risk) and Todd Rotger […]

Security Considerations for Cloud Outsourcing

Solomon Tay, Head of IT Controls and Information Security at Singapore Exchange, delivered a workshop around “Security Considerations for Cloud […]

What does cyber risk means to business

Theo Nassiokas, Director, APAC Cyber & Information Security at Barclays, delivered a presentation around “What does cyber risk means to […]

Future-proofing against Emerging Cyber-Physical Threats

Steven Sim, Vice President at ISACA Singapore Chapter, delivered a workshop around “Future-proofing against Emerging Cyber-Physical […]

Digital Transformation – Are You Forgetting Something?

Anthony Lim, Director, Singapore at Cloud Security Alliance, delivered a workshop around “Digital Transformation – Are You Forgetting […]

Encryption needs to move beyond laptops and desktops

John Guo, Head of Professional Services, APAC at Thales e-Security, delivered a presentation around “Encryption needs to move beyond laptops and […]

Cyber-threats – How are they different across the sectors?

Paolo Miranda, Vice President, Partnership Director, (ISC)2 Singapore, moderated a panel discussion around “Cyber-threats – How are they different […]

Interview with Steven Sim, Vice President, ISACA Singapore Chapter

Steven Sim is the Vice President of the ISACA Singapore Chapter. ISACA is a leading global provider of knowledge, certifications, community, advocacy […]

Preparations for the 2nd annual CISO Leaders Summit Singapore are nearing completion and the 2017 Summit is set to exceed expectations.

  10th April 2017 – Preparations for the 2nd annual CISO Leaders Summit Singapore are nearing completion and the 2017 Summit is set to […]

CISO Leaders Summit Press Release

Singapore CISO Leaders Summit is Exploring the Latest Developments in Cyber Security – Here We Meet Some of the Keynote Speakers. 5th October […]

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