Charles Mok Opens The 3rd Annual CIO Leaders Summit in Hong Kong

Charles Mok

The 3rd Annual CIO Leaders Summit Hong Kong, was opened by the Honourable Charles Mok of the Legislative Council. Charles  is the Legislative Councillor who represents the Information Technology Functional Constituency. Serving the ICT industry for over 20 years, Charles is also currently the Vice Chairman of the Professional Commons, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation and Founding Chairman of the Internet Society Hong Kong. Charles is an active member in public services with the outlook to uphold the core values of Hong Kong. A graduate from Purdue University, Charles is also serving on several advisory bodies in the Hong Kong Government.

Opening the Annual CIO Leaders Summit Hong Kong, Charles spoke on Opportunities and Challenges in Data Innovation. Charles spoke on CIOs who take a leadership role in order to reimagine their business and operating models based on new tools to extract value from data. He engaged the audience on a discussion on BI/analytics, cloud and mobile integration and how it will transform business processes and help companies grow. Also speaking on the landscape around data privacy and information security to its relevance on enterprise planning. This opened up a further conversation on Charles’ own perspective as an IT Legislator and how businesses should prepare to deal with regulatory issues surrounding data innovation.

Kicking off his presentation with a quote from Dan Ariely, Duke University:

“Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it…”

Charles challenged and questioned the audience of high-level IT Executives to compete in the dynamic environment via data and to gather visible, actionable insight. Closing his presentation on his tips on how businesses should prepare on incidents of data leakage or loss.

This presentation opened up a high-level of discussion with the audience. To register your interest for one of our CIO Leaders Summit click here.