Brenton Harley from Tanium speaks on ‘Does your hygiene stink?’

brenton hartley

Brenton Harley, Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium hosted a workshop at the 2017 CIO Leaders Summit Australia on ‘Does your hygiene stink?’ Cyber Security is hot and customers are bombarded with trending terms like APT, AI, Ransomware & Kill Chain. But more than 90% of breaches aren’t the result of skilled adversaries using well crafted malware, they’re less advanced and often times a simple update or patch could have prevented them. The basics really matter and it starts with visibility. You can’t manage or secure what you don’t know about and unfortunately the tools you depend on lack the speed and scale to help you improve your IT hygiene. Tanium was created to solve this problem and today we’re relied upon by hundreds of the worlds largest and most valuable companies. Brenton delivered a live demonstration and interactive presentation on where your greatest threats really lie and learn how Tanium can help you identify and close gaps you probably don’t even realise you’ve got.

Brenton is a Director of Technical Account Management Asia South/ANZ and is responsible for the technical Pre & Post sales for the Asia South/ANZ region. He manages a small team of technical experts focused on delivering exceptional customer results. Tanium delivers 15 second visibility and control to the endpoint, across a diverse range of operating system platforms. From Linux, Solaris, Mac, Windows and AIX, Tanium is enabling both IT Operations and Security teams to gain the upper hand at both speed and scale.

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