What Does the Convergence of EHS & ESG Mean for your Existing Technology Stack? – Keynote Panel Discussion


Matt Browne, Director and Technology Advisor, HSI DONESAFE

Kylie Fraser, Director Safety, Security and Wellbeing, McDonald’s
Cameron Smith, Head of Safety & Wellbeing, 7-Eleven
Shailendra Tripathi, Senior Director WHS, Optus

Key points discussed:

  • EHS and ESG can work together as one, and how you can leverage the overlap between the two to realise ROI.
  • To practically use technology to increase employee participation in your EHS & ESG program that can uncover your 80% blind spot.
  • To tackle psychosocial and psychological safety within your EHS/ESG program.
  • Your technology framework can unify how your organisation sees, understands and actions risk, compliance & governance in real-time.