Value creation in the digital age


Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur, Head of Enterprise Business for Asia-Pacific of Tata Communications, delivered a talk on Value creation in the digital age – Empowering enterprises in the journey to transformation with technology.


Rahul, speaking before a group of IT experts and leaders at this year’s CIO Leader Summit in KL,  stated that the strategy in this era is to enable enterprises for Digital Transformation. Digital is mainstream but not all companies are into it.


He believes that enterprises will really need to evolve because the next gen technologies already became mainstream. But an organisation can only be digitally fit if it is adaptive to changes in the landscape.


With Rahul’s vast experience in the industry, he was able topinpoint emerging opportunities and shared ideas on how to find unexpected value to create new businesses by harnessing the full power of digital.


To illustrate it further, for the benefit of the summit delegates, Rahul gave a market overview to prove that technology is a game changer. In doing this analysis, it became a conclusion that businesses are now seriously faced with a challenging global economic landscape. He ended his engaging presentation by stressing that in order to win in this higly competitive environment, companies need to build on their advantages while they seek to reinvent their own practices to become more  focused on customers using value creation in this digital age.