The 2017 CIO Leaders Summit Australia has kicked off and we are pleased to present our Master of Ceremonies – Richard Jones, CEO of the C-Suite Advisory.

richard jones

The 2017 CIO Leaders Summit Australia has kicked off and we are pleased to present our MC for the day – Richard Jones, CEO of the C-Suite Advisory. The CIO Leaders Summit Australia is the leading CIO event in Australia and attracts the key IT leaders from around Australia. The event is by invitation only and provides CIOs with an essential forum where they can come together with their peers to discuss the critical opportunities and challenges that currently affect the IT industry. We are set for a great event today with lots of robust discussions and stellar presentations from our guest speakers. Follow our blog for updates on each of the keynote presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

Richard is a seasoned industry veteran with over 30 years of global IT experience. Having held senior technical and business leadership positions, in both the Vendor and Client space, Richard brings a pragmatic and balanced understanding of IT to business. Having worked for a number such Blue Chip organizations such as American Express, IBM, Deutsche Telkom and JLL, Richard prides himself with the ability of understanding the value that IT brings to the business and its capability in supporting business growth and to the importance for IT to be constantly innovating. With a strong operational and strategic background – he has successfully implemented a no. of game changing applications for both his former employers and clients, Richard is currently a senior advisor with CIO Academy Asia where he works closely with a number of clients, throughout the region, in the planning, validation, implementation and integration of their digital transformation journey and oversee the deployment of the “next generation” of technology across their respective businesses.

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