So you thought 2020 was bad? What were the workplace injury and health trends in 2020, and what does that mean for 2021 – Philip Paysden, Amanda Johnston, Mark Oostergo, Danielle Odd

    Philip Paysden, General Manager, APM WorkCare
    Amanda Johnston, National Customer Manager, APM WorkCare
    Mark Oostergo, General Manager – Principal Psychologist, Communicorp
    Danielle Odd, Group Head of Safety Strategy, Nine Entertainment


    This interactive panel discussed what are the largest areas of risk in 2021 and where should we be focusing, to have the greatest impact?

    With the data insights and strength of the APM Group, spanning 8000 employees across 10 different countries, the APM Health Portfolio panel of experts took us through detailed data on workplace injury trends, and forecast what will happen in 2021.