Media Corp International Rebrand Announcement

Our History
In April 2012, Media Corp International hosted the inaugural OHS Leaders Australia Summit that would become the first of five Annual OHS Leaders Summit’s and the first of 40, Media Corp International run events.

The original brand, represented growth and productivity and has been the face of our events over the years including OHS Leaders, COO Leaders, HR Leaders Resources, FSI Leaders, Security Leaders, CISO Leaders, CXO Leaders and CIO Leaders Summits.

Why We Have Re-Branded
While our brand has served us well thus far, our offering has grown along with our customer base since the OHS Leaders Summit, back in 2012. We needed a new solution that met existing all expectations of what we stand for, simultaneously moving the brand forward with a new look and a new message to remind our valued clients what we’re about.

Our New Tag Line “Smarter Conversations”
Smarter Conversations reflects on the level of discussions taking place between the C-Level decision makers, (delegates) and the cutting-edge and innovative solution providers, (sponsors) throughout the course of all of our 1 – 3 day Summits, events, roundtables and dinner engagements.

Delegate attendees are put through a strict qualification process, prior to being invited to all Media Corp International run events to ensure their C-Level seniority, representing the most respected organisations. This results in smarter conversations on key industry topics, and smarter conversations between their industry peers to foster and build valuable business relations. This includes pre-arranged one-to-one business meetings with solution providers looking to provide smarter solutions to enhance their organisation.

Sponsor companies have been nominated due to their product & service offerings, as seen to provide the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions to enhance the industry, resulting in: Smarter conversations with pre-qualified individuals; Smarter conversations intended to foster and build more strategic accounts; smarter conversations with the right individuals in the right environment.

The logo
The new logo mark reflects the Smarter Conversations tag-line, utilizing the combination of a speech bubble and arrow to reflect the growth and productivity that comes as a result from these strategic gatherings. We’ve chosen strong, energetic colours which echo the energy and passion that we will continue to move forward with.

“We wanted to move away from the cookie-cutter approach of our old branding to something that was meaningful, fresh and relevant and communicated who we are as a brand and what we stand for.”


rebrand images release


The Rollout
This new transition is intended to ensure a transparent, seamless and consistent experience for all clients of Media Corp International in all materials prior to, on-site and post event. The new websites, reflecting this exciting new look embody the concept of  Smarter Conversations, (which can be accessed separately via Event Calendar) have been designed with a responsive interface for an improved user experience.

We’re thrilled to have been able to share this exciting new look at last week’s OHS Leaders Summit and look forward to sharing our new brand with you for our 2016 events.

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