Predictive Analytics


Minakshi Srivastava, Vice President, Bank of America provided the Closing Keynote Presentation at the FSI Leaders Summit on,  “Predictive Analytics: Decision Science for risk minimisation and profitability maximisation.”

During this presentation, Minakshi highlighted the benefits of customer analytics due to aspects such as increased response rates, reduced campaign costs, and delivering the right message to the customer. She talked about the adoption of customer analytics in the banking industry and spoke on uncovering business knowledge, Insights to Action, and Data-Driven decision-making processes through decision science.

She also spoke about leveraging predictive analytics in Credit risk analysis to uncover new ways to minimise risk at each stage of credit life cycle and spoke on the importance of applying Customer Analytics to maximise customer lifetime value by customer Behaviour Analysis. Minakshi concluded this presentation by outlining predictive analytics and the enablement to capture trends as a window into the future, allowing businesses to be prepared for what may come and capitalise on it.

Minakshi SrivastavaMinakshi Srivastava is a well-rounded data mining professional with 12+ years of experience in big 4 consulting firms in varied domains (Business Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Strategy Development and Consulting). Currently, she is working as VP, Bank of America in Consume Banking group. Prior to Bank of America, Minakshi has worked in GE Capital, Cap Gemini and Deloitte Consulting. In that capacity she has worked on several quantitative projects in Marketing, Banking, & Finance and also consulted clients in related domains. She has Masters’ degree in Economics from JNU, New Delhi, India. She is an invited speaker / presenter in Innovation Enterprise Analytics Summits in the USA (such as I.E. Predictive Analytics Summit, San Diego Feb 2014, Business Analytics Summit Chicago May 2014, CFO Risk Management Summit, Boston Sep 2014, Predictive Analytics and Business Insight 2014, Philadelphia, Big Data and Business Analytics for Banking Sector, New York, Dec 2014). She is also recognised as a global speaker into ADMA Global Forum, Sydney Australia in July 2014. She represented Bank of America as a keynote speaker from USA.