Panel Discussion talks Utilising Analytics to Drive Customer Engagement


On the second day of the CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia, a keynote panel discussion on Utilizing Analytics to Drive Customer Engagement was joined by Azhan Salleh – CIO Proton, Sanjay Sidhu – Exec Director Advisory of BDO Malaysia and Maz Mirza – Deputy General Manager IT of MRT Corp. Moderator was  Richard Jones, Senior Advisor CIO Academy.

Consumers are now interacting with brands in more ways than ever through online, mobile, in-store and other platforms. With consumer engagement coming fast across so many channels and with the data it provides, it can be really challenging for companies to understand the behavior of customers and anticipate their wants and needs. But while these tools all yield revenue opportunities, some IT leaders supporting their respective customer experience projects still fail to maximise the possibilities.

Similar to what other companies did including BDO Malaysia, companies need to launch new channels and map out customer journeys in order to drive engagement and market leadership. Proton gave an example that in their case, they look at customers’ sentiments, listen to  their customers  on what they talk about and manage real issues in the market. Sanjay of BDO Malaysia shared the importance understanding the data to improve services and become better. Similarly, Maz of MRT Corp expressed the need for companies to take a holistic approach to customer engagement to find themselves better positioned to capitalize on new channels and technologies.