Interview – Daniel Lui, CIO and VP Operations, Pacific Healthcare Group

Daniel Lui headshot BW e1565599793966Daniel Lui is an IT executive with 30 years’ experience in delivering business transformation programs, leading technology & operations services; He has worked on various assignments in Asia Pacific and Europe. Industries experience in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, supply chain and manufacturing services.

In 2018, Daniel Lui joined Pacific Healthcare Group in Bangkok, as the CIO and VP Operations, with overall responsibilities of IT and Logistics across operating countries, driving the strategy, operations and innovation.

Q: What do you find most challenging in your role as an IT Professional and how do you overcome this?

A: I believe that there are different challenges in various stage of one’s IT career. At the very early stage of my career, able to learn and apply new technology fast, and share with my peers was a challenge. As I move to management and then leadership roles, define the vision & strategy that align with business, and able to clear articulate and inspire others was a challenge. To achieve this, it is important to communicate the WHY, and let the team has a free hand to work on the HOW. Always celebrate success and improvements.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have received within your job and what advice would you give someone starting off in the industry?

A: I am lucky enough to work with a few caring mentors who shaped my career. The most valuable advice is on the Value of continuous improvement. If one stands still when everyone is moving forward, then one is effectively behind everyone. With the rapid advancing in technology, an IT leader will need to continuously adding values to business, than just maintaining the status of quo.

Q: What are the key challenges at your AI project?

A: I found that the key challenges are about Data, Data, Data… In a company, the most important is people. In Business, the most important is DATA (in my project, the consumer data). Before starting an AI project, it is important to understand the Data Literacy level of the company, and identifying the data owners. Also remember that process generates data, and the accuracy of data relies on the right process!

Q: What is one key takeaway you hope our CIO audience leaves with after hearing your presentation on site?

A: One key takeaway that I like to provide to the audience is that AI technology is now available for commercial use. It is not difficult to run an AI project, but strong sponsorship from the top is essential. You have to be very clear what you want to achieve. During this journey, learn, improve and have fun!


Pacific Healthcare Group (PHC) was founded in Thailand in 1961 and aspire to be the most recognized sales & marketing organization in Thailand and South East Asia with a focus on healthcare, pharmaceutical products, nutritional products, medical devices and consumables. As a privately held company, we are looking to provide tailor made solutions for our principals and customers in a transparent and sustainable manner.

PHC has and is constantly growing to help more people over the Southeast Asia region. Connecting with more than 600 million consumers, we are expanding further to the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar as well as Cambodia.

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