The Disruptive Business Model and Transforming into a Hybrid Infrastructure


narinderNarinder Kapoor, Managing Director & Vice President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise – South East Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong (SEATH) speaks on the disruptive business model and transforming into a hybrid infrastructure in an exclusive Digest interview for the upcoming CIO Leaders Summit Singapore, November 18 – 19, Resorts World, Sentosa.

 What is the risk that CIO’s must face by not fully adapting to digital disruption?

Digital disruption has tremendously influenced the way enterprises and governments are functioning today. It is a catalyst to successfully thrive in the idea economy that we live in today. CIOs need to harness the power of IT to quickly fuel the power of ideas. They need to help their organizations turn an idea into a new product – a new capability, a new business or a new industry that has never been easier or more accessible.

Most organizations have been built with rigid, inflexible IT infrastructures that are costly to maintain and that make it difficult, if not impossible, to implement new ideas quickly. In the past, entrepreneurs needed millions of dollars to launch new companies. But today we see this in everyday examples like Uber, Airbnb, Square, etc.

CIOs need to understand that a good idea works when we translate it with great speed before anyone else. Success is defined by how quickly an enterprise can turn ideas into value. A robust digital infrastructure and resources is a key driver to this success. 

In today’s digital enterprise, why is speed so important? And what is the advantage of partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in order to tackle this ongoing demand?

It’s an age of relentless, disruptive change for businesses and governments. Ceaseless information flows. Threats and uncertainty surround. The growth and proliferation of apps and data are making it more complex. New channels, new markets, and new business models opens up in no time. So companies need IT solutions that can move at the speed of business to take advantage of new ideas, new business opportunities, competitive threats and shifting customer needs.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s expertise & product portfolio centers on supporting customers in four key areas that enabling their business transformation and growth:

  • Helping customers transform to a hybrid infrastructure by bridging traditional IT to a cloud-based environment in a way that optimizes performance and accelerates time to value.
  • Empowering a data-driven organization – helping turn information into insight and insight into action.
  • Providing the tools that protect our customers’ digital enterprise – managing risk monitoring operations, protecting systems and sustaining operational integrity.
  • Enabling workplace productivity – creating best-in-class experiences for employees, customers and partners through mobility and networking solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is structured to take advantage of significant growth opportunities in Converged Infrastructure, Network Function, Virtualization, Wireless Networking, Security and Cloud Software to build a digital enterprise.

In a constantly disruptive and changing business model, how can the enterprise fully adapt?

Thriving in the idea economy requires a New Style of Business. This New Style of Business demands a New Style of IT. Hewlett Packard Enterprise can take IT environments and make them more efficient, more productive and more secure as we bridge the traditional to the new. We will enable organizations to act rapidly on ideas by creating, consuming and re-configuring new solutions, experiences and business models. And we will deliver infrastructure that is built from components that can be composed and re-composed easily and quickly to meet the shifting demands of the applications driving your enterprise.

It’s not really about inventing new technologies, but rather inventing a new way of doing business. This requires an IT infrastructure that allows enterprises to pivot when disruption occurs. It’s all about time. Being able to rapidly seize opportunities and respond to competitors.

Why must the CIO transform to a hybrid infrastructure?

Enterprises must transform to a hybrid infrastructure to give them greater flexibility and agility, while ensuring that there is no disruption to the legacy systems that run their business. This is essentially about two things: getting better value from existing infrastructure and creating new value quickly and continuously from all of available applications.

Infrastructure matters more than ever in this new world, but we need a new kind of infrastructure – a hybrid foundation that maximizes performance and cost. A hybrid infrastructure balances the need for agile cloud-based applications with traditional on premise applications – and also allows customers to specifically design an infrastructure that works for them.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps organizations build a cloud that works for them – one that scales and works with their infrastructure. Only we optimize all their applications, traditional, mobile, in the cloud, in the data center. Some of our product and solutions in this area include: Helion line of products, Infrastructure Transformation Services and Converged Infrastructure offerings.

How does Hewlett Packard Enterprise assist organizations in this transformation, securely?

Security has never been a bigger issue. As you’ve seen from some very public breeches, companies and governments are vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. The potential damage – along with potential points of entry – becomes greater and greater with the explosion of data, applications and mobile devices.

Protecting the digital enterprise is now a board room level issue. The threat landscape is wider and more diverse than ever before.  No one else can provide a more complete management of risk in all its forms than us. And risk means more than security threats.  It includes back-up and recovery. We have a range of solutions such as ArcSight, Fortify, Security Operations Services and Converged Data Protection to help you keep your business up and running in the event of a disaster.

Thank you, Narinder. Looking forward to seeing you at the CIO Leaders Summit Singapore!