Establishing a Cyber Security Centre

Marianne Cologon, Acting Chief Information Security Officer at Australian Digital Health Agency, presented a workshop on “Establishing a Cyber Security Centre”

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Establishing a Cyber Security Centre is a complex and highly challenging process. Marianne shared the ADHA’s journey, lessons learned, and the challenges of creating a Cyber Security Operations Centre including:

  • Building Strategic Partnerships (Cyber is the ultimate team sport)
  • Defining Strategic Outcomes
  • Operationalizing the Security Operations Centre

About Marianne Cologon
Marianne started out her career working for ACT Health across a range of IT & risk related areas. She then moved into Federal Government, working with critical infrastructure organisations to improve the security of telecommunications & industrial control systems. Since then she has worked across a wide range of organisations in operational and non-operational security roles, prior to commencing with the Australian Digital Health Agency in 2015. She is currently the Acting General Manager and CISO for the Agency’s Cyber Security Centre, and also Director of Cyber Security Operations.
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