Convergence of Technology and Contribution to Disruption


Session Synopsis: Will the convergence of technology into key sectors, i.e. fintech, contribute to the disruption of other sectors such as healthcare, housing, automobile, etc.?

The integration of technology is fast becoming one of the main evolutionary trends in every sector e.g. finch, healthtech, etc.

  • Up until reasonably recently, the integration has been leveraged or enabled an incumbent to be more competitive within its own vertical
  • Rapid digitisation of the consumer is enabling technology players to step into well-established verticals e.g. Google into insurance, Apple into healthcare, and Tesla into automobiles, etc.
  • Could this convergence of tech with a specific industry, enable the incumbents within this vertical to enter and disrupt another vertical e.g. insurance into health by leveraging its telematics competence? What would be the hurdles?

juliendJulien is a senior executive with over 15 years of experience in healthcare with leading brands including Eli Lilly, Boston Scientific, Baxter, GSK, Merck&Co. Julien has a deep understanding of organic and inorganic growth in healthcare. Julien founded The Propell Group, a boutique venture investor and advisory firm, based in Singapore, focused on healthtech / digital health startups and growth companies.
Advisor to startups, accelerators & incubators in healthtech and technology in high growth markets.

He has extensive international business experience across Europe, Middle East and Asia and has co-written iDisrupted (published in November 2014) which focuses on creating an understanding of the significant technological changes that are just beginning to re-shape our daily lives.
Regular speaker on healthtech / digital health innovation and disruption.