Tony Sewell, Airport Security Manager Presents, The Ongoing Challenges Facing Airport Security

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Tony Sewell, Airport Security Manager for Adelaide Airport, presented on the Ongoing Challenges Facing Airport Security. Tony is responsible for the formulation, implementation and management of security standards and procedures. Tony spoke on the growing terrorist attacks and the direct impacts on airports.


Tony highlighted the intent of attacks on soft targets by terrorists, is not to kill or injure but to generate terror, chaos and to intimidate the public. In light of the recent airport terrorism attack at Brussels airport together with the 2015 Paris attacks, security is now being reviewed for “soft target” areas inside airports as well as airport control sectors. Tony’s presentation also discussed the current security environment facing airport operations and the challenges in minimising the potential for an attack.


As a security manager, Tony ensures Adelaide Airport fulfils its obligations by the national aviation security legislation and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Airport’s Transport Security Program and associated operating procedures. Prior to commencing at Adelaide Airport Tony has enjoyed a variety of roles including security management at Perth Airport, Regional Security Manager for the Australian AID program throughout Papua New Guinea.


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