One Transformation – 3 Journeys

Frederic Ducros, Chief Transformation Officer, AirAsia Group (outgoing) & Director, /













During the opening keynote presentation, Frederic explored the 3 journeys necessary for a deep and lasting transformation.

  1. Transformation from a vision in one head, to many visions in many heads, to a shared vision in all heads
    – How exploring and confronting with reality and others views, through experiments and open spaces, may help refine and realise a strategy, especially when entering new spaces.


  1. Transformation from the work of one hand to work in all hands
    – How getting the basics right, the way we run and approach processes, projects and products will help you get out of your own way, and drive real innovation and transformation.


  1. Transformation in all hearts
    – How shifting from ‘bringing change to people’ to ‘bringing change with people’ then ‘bringing change through people’ will help you adopt a better role for Digital, IT and Transformation Office heads and teams.



Frederic worked for 20 years in consulting with KPMG, Deloitte, Oracle and

  • Frederic is now Chief Transformation Officer for AirAsia, where he helps the executive team, management teams, and change agents (a.k.a. “Founders’ Circle”), by driving and supporting:
    drive the end-to-end review and continuous improvement of all processes across all entities and departments, and the selection/deployment of approaches, tools and technologies to map, monitor, run and automate processes to run the business more efficiently.
  •  improve and coordinate the way (and tools and technologies with which) management, change agents and all staff capture ideas and opportunities, and select, start, monitor, and close projects that bring the value and transformation needed.
  • drive and pace the collective, iterative, refinement of new ways of working, with executives, heads of departments, and staff.
  • lead the development of 1000+ change agents, via reverse learning, experiential activities and games, action learning sets.